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I was so far gone that I thought my life was over…After participating in the UTC, my life turned around…people may be impressed with the outer change in my appearance, however there a much deeper change that occurred within me! UTC is NOT an exercise program…it’s not a diet…it’s a process of looking at your own life. 
—Jim Buchanan 
I am 53 years old and have been on “diets” on and off since college. I have been on every program in the last 30 years that has come on the market. The UTC provided motivational seminars and eye-opening facts that made me realize I am not on a diet but a total transformation of my life. After 8 weeks I dropped 32 pounds and I am still continuing on my weight loss to reach a goal I never felt I could get to at my age. 
— Barbara Gasser 
Admittedly, I was one of the skeptics…I was pretty lean and did not think I really needed to lose weight. I’m a fourth-degree Black Belt and have always been in great shape, but I wasn’t getting the results I desired. The UTC taught me how to eat properly…I can honestly say I am in better shape, and I’m faster, stronger, and weigh less now than when I was in high school! 
—Dave Herskowitz


I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for an amazing experience. Through leadership and example, the UTC taught me that there is no need to settle for mediocrity! Higher levels of health and fitness are attainable for all of us and your program makes it easy to make it a way of life! 
—Bryan Klein
The most positive influence with the UTC, was the awareness of organic foods. In the beginning, I thought ‘I can’t afford that!’ Now I realize I can’t afford not to be as organic as possible. I had surgery a few months after completing the UTC. Instead of my body fighting pesticides and GMO products or industrialized meat…I gave my body food to allow it to be healthy and do what it was meant to do. If Tom hadn’t brought the awareness to me I don’t think I would be as healthy as I am today. Thanks Tom!”
—Donna Disney
Words cannot express the profound appreciation I have for the UTC process. The physical changes made were extraordinary; however, they pale in comparison to the transformation within me. I owe Thomas Phillips a wealth of gratitude for helping me develop a deeper appreciation for life and all that it has to offer. I am eternally thankful. 
—Nick Despotidis
Two years ago, my wife passed away. She fought a battle for many years, and ultimately, the disease won. I adored my wife. We were married for 23 years and losing her was hurtful beyond words. I have two daughters who are 20 and 16. Not long after my wife passed away Thomas Phillips was about to launch the first UTC. I figured, ‘What the hell.’ I desperately needed the distraction. The results were astounding and the message I sent my daughters was profound. Despite going through an unbearable time, I had the ability to change. The process set a tone in our household that proved anything was possible if a commitment was made. The best part of the story goes back to April 24, 2009; I competed in my first bodybuilding competition. Even writing this now gives me goose-bumps. I was 50 years old and in the best shape of my life. I have lifelong friendships and a sense of confidence that will never be taken away. Yes, I terribly miss my wife and I always will. Although life is different, I am happy. I’m working hard to move forward. I can’t imagine what my life would be like if not for the decision to embark on this remarkable adventure.
—Jeff Strumeire
Chet Skalski (Ectomorph)
Starting Weight: 185
Ending Weight: 151
“At 185 I was told I looked good for my age, but I didn’t feel good. The UTC helped me shed 30+ pounds, but more importantly, I gained a life and better future!”
Aaron 227 before and 197 after
“Tom, I was in the best shape of my life when I was with you!”


Kathy D’Ambrisi (Ectomorph)
Starting Weight: 146
Ending Weight: 110
“Enough was enough of the long 
laundry list of serious issues in my life. UTC gave me the structure and tools to become stronger emotionally, physically and hormonally…transforming me into a HAPPY PERSON!”
Lina Berman (Mesomorph)
Starting Weight: 161
Ending Weight: 132
Scott Buchanan    5′ 8”   135 lbs. on stage
Mike Ferrando    5′ 9”   170 lbs. on stage
Sean – Beginning weight was 275 and after is 220.
One of the many reasons why Thomas Phillips is a great trainer is the fact that he is a great student, with contagious enthusiasm and competitive drive, Tom gets even more excited about getting results than his clients!
—Mike Mahler, Strength Coach, Senior RKC, Author of  “The Kettlebell Solution For Size And Strength.”
Where doctors, therapist, and trainers have such a poor grasp of what it is truly important and effective in rehabbing and training individuals, those that “get it” are few and far between. Thomas “gets it,” and the results he achieves with his clients clearly demonstrate this.
—Charlie Weingroff , Former Strength & Conditioning Coach for NBA Philadelphia 76ers
Professionals are rare in the personal training world. Thomas Phillips is one of them.
—Pavel Tsatsoulin, Best Selling and Respected Author
Thomas is one of the most progressive and well-rounded strength coaches in the business. His vast knowledge of many training systems and protocols make him one of the best in the business.
—Steve Maxwell, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion, published strength coach, joint mobility master, and owner of Maxercise in Philadelphia


Thomas Phillips is somebody who walks the walk. Whether on the lifting platform or the presentation stage, Thomas leads by example and always delivers. Thomas Phillips has my full confidence.
—Jack Reape, Elite Powerlifter


There’s a reason why Thomas Phillips is a successful trainer. His clients get the results they want!
—Steve Cotter, Kung Fu world champion and world-renowned Kettlebell instructor
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